Old School RuneScape Bot

Going back to 2007 and playing Old School RuneScape is great fun. However, it’s a chore getting the levels I once had all over again. The nostalgic value gets lost somewhere; with all the effort you’ve previously put in over the years having vanished.

Fear not! The Old School RuneScape bot has arrived. Now we can get the stats we once had back without spending hours upon hours doing it manually, maybe go for 99’s. You could even use it to make the cash you need for any cosmetic or fighting gear.

A new era of botting has begun. The release of the Old School RS bot proves it.

What is a RuneScape bot?

Example Of Botting On Old School RuneScape
For those of you who are new to botting, possibly even RuneScape, welcome to the OldSchoolRsBots community! Though you’re probably wondering, “What on earth is a RuneScape bot?”. Well, a RuneScape bot is a tool in which some players choose to use to enable them to do a particular action in RuneScape without their input.

It may sound pretty pointless at first, why would you not want to play the game yourself right? However, there are actually many reasons why people choose to use a bot.

Advantages Botting On Old School RS

  • The high scores aren’t overpopulated yet. You can use the bot to give you a better chance of competing in the high scores and chasing 99’s.
  • The first 70 levels of every stat suck. Now you can sit back and relax as the bot does them for you.
  • The economy is good at the minute. There aren’t hundreds of people with billions whilst thousands of people have nothing.
  • You can quickly develop your stats, or your bank. If you really want to, you can do both.
  • You can train your stats and you don’t need to be at the computer. This means you can run the bot when you’re asleep and you can leave the house; instead of needing to get your skills higher!
  • You can get a bot to do dubious tasks like running to the bank. This means if you are doing a skill such as Runecrafting, the bot can run to the bank, exchange the items gained and needed, and then run back and repeat the process!

Disadvantages Botting On Old School RS

  • Some players look down upon it and claim it harms the game play. It is somewhat frowned upon even with the large numbers doing it.
  • It is against the RuneScape rules and your account, if caught, can get suspended or permanently banned.
  • If you bot to much you could miss out on a lot of the game play that RuneScape has to offer. Once your stats are maxed, you can’t put those stats back down without starting a new account.
  • While the bot is playing the game, you can’t. So although it may be quicker and more accurate than you, it’s very boring to watch.
  • Bots do break. They are programs and mostly released for free. Although updates come out to fix them, RuneScape is constantly updating their system to fight against bots.

Power Leveling Bots on Old School RuneScape

Example Of Bot Power Leveling On Old School RuneScape
Power leveling allows you to gain a vast amount of levels quickly at the price of dropping the items you acquire. Although you initially make no money, as you’ll be dropping the items acquired, you save a lot of time by not having to go to the bank. So even though you make no money whilst getting through the low levels, you will make a lot of money when you are a high level.

If a stat gets newly released it’s best to try and get through the levels as quickly as possible. Once you’re a high level you’ll hopefully be one of the first few and be able to sell the items you can now acquire for a lot of money.

Banking Bots on Old School RuneScape

Example Of Bot Banking On Old School RuneScape
Banking bots allow you to gain the levels you wish in a selected skill whilst banking the items you gain from doing so. This is slower than power leveling but allows you to make money from the get go and you can still do it whilst you are away.

Once you come back to the game you do not have to sell the items you have. Instead you could set up another bot and use those items with a secondary skill and level that stat up too.

How To Avoid Getting Banned Botting On RuneScape

Having your account suspended or banned is always a possibility when breaking the terms of service with any company, this includes Jagex. This is why you want to avoid bringing any unwanted attention to your account. It is possible to get some 99’s in 2 days using a bot. However, when you’re banned a week later it becomes a little pointless.

Here are 3 tips below I use to avoid being caught: (These are things I do, I can’t guarantee they work).

  • Do not bot 24/7! Self explanatory really but I know how tempting it is. They know a human can’t go on forever. Not to mention when a bot fails and they see your character is just walking around a forest for 7 hours. Stick to almost a schedule, most people have time patterns.
  • Turn private chat onto friends. This stops other people directly messaging you whom you don’t know. Prewarn your friends you’ll be botting on another chat service so they don’t leave messages unanswered on your account.
  • Don’t speak. When a mouse is moving all around your active window clicking things, it’s unlikely you can type words and hold a conversation at the time. If you need to speak, pause the bot.

Welcome To A New Era Of Botting

Now you know what a bot actually is and have a little more insight about it, I’ll tell you why there’s such a fuss about an Old School RuneScape bot. With the release of Old School RuneScape people have a chance to make an impact. Everyone has to start again. All the levels are reset and no one is stupidly rich.

With Old School bots being released now and available to download, people can start to play the game how they want, from the levels they want to be. They can skip starting again and going through that hassle. They can make money from doing skills as people need the raw materials again. This kind of economy will last a while but not forever.

The fact is whether you bot Old School RS or not, someone will be. The game play is going to be affected at some point. The choices are to play by the rules and you may get left behind, or use a bot to keep up with the game and have some fun and risk being banned.

So what do you think? Should people use an Old School RuneScape bot?
Let us know below!